The new StoreKit views in iOS 17 make it a lot easier to add in-app purchases to your projects. There’s a simple gotcha that I ran into, though, and I wanted to document it.

The two main StoreKit views that ship with iOS 17 are StoreView and SubscriptionStoreView. Their initializers both ask for IDs, but have different expectations about what constitutes an ID.


StoreView is the view that you would use for consumable and non-consumable products. It expects the IDs of the products in a Collection, and the IDs are whatever you typed in as the “Product ID”.

For example:

let productIDs: [String]  = ["Product1", "Product2"]
StoreView(ids: productIDs)


A SubscriptionStoreView requires a group ID. You’ll give each of your subscription’s tiers a product ID, but those aren’t used for querying the items. This group ID is autogenerated by App Store Connect (or your StoreKit Test Configuration).

For example:

let groupID = "7E08E2CD"
SubscriptionStoreView(groupID: groupID)

Example Project

I’ve also put together an example project to show all of this working together. It doesn’t need any configuration in App Store Connect, because I’m using a StoreKit Test Configuration.

StoreKit Example