Learn the Language of Good: A Toki Pona Study Tool

The language toki pona, written by Sonja Lang, is a minimalist constructed language with the intention of fostering positive thought. Toki Trainer is an open source companion for the foundational book, Toki Pona: The Language of Good. Featuring flashcards, dictionary, and a phrase lookup tool, it makes memorization as easy as possible.

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Categorized in the same method as the chapters in Sonja’s book. When you’re done with a chapter, train your memory until the vocabulary is second nature.


Each lesson presents you with a stack of flashcards. Try to guess the definition, flip the card, and mark your guess right or wrong with a flick of your finger.


A built-in dictionary covers every word in the base language. Look up a word, an entire phrase, or find a word you can’t quite remember.

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